Breathe New Life Into Your Historic Property

Breathe New Life Into Your Historic Property

Lost Art Tuckpointing provides masonry restoration services in Denver, CO

Lost Art Tuckpointing, LLC provides historic restoration services for homes in the Denver, Colorado area. We'll repair any damage to the home as part of our masonry restoration work, using mortars that match the period in which the home was built. Our primary goal is to restore the home to its original state so you can get the proper historic designations.

Get started with your masonry restoration today by calling the team at Lost Art Tuckpointing.

3 benefits of living in a designated historic home

By using our historic restoration services, you can transform your Denver, Colorado home into a designated historic home. Living in a historic home has many perks, including:

1. Tax credits
2. Notable curb appeal
3. High property values

Our historic restoration services follow the Denver Historic Society's guidelines for a historic home designation. Make an appointment to restore your home today by calling 720-427-4060.